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1 campfev11_570_100_msg0001 84 Malos's Artifices are a real pain in the Core Crystal.
2 campfev11_570_100_msg0002 84 Individually, we can take 'em no problem... But there are so many of them!
3 campfev11_570_100_msg0003 84 Can't you wrest control of them from Malos, Mythra?
4 campfev11_570_100_msg0004 84 No, sorry.
5 campfev11_570_100_msg0005 84 My Artifices are a different class.
6 campfev11_570_100_msg0006 84 Only Malos can control the Gargoyles.
7 campfev11_570_100_msg0007 84 Dammit.
8 campfev11_570_100_msg0008 84 It's OK, Mythra. We understand.
9 campfev11_570_100_msg0009 84 Brighid...
10 campfev11_570_100_msg0010 84 I bet you're happy that I'm finally the useless one, right?
11 campfev11_570_100_msg0011 84 What? I have no idea how you got that from what I said.
12 campfev11_570_100_msg0012 84 Look, if I used all my power I bet I could take them all out, no problem!
13 campfev11_570_100_msg0013 84 Well, why don't you just do that, then?
14 campfev11_570_100_msg0014 84 Haha. Look at you two, play-fighting like old pals.
15 campfev11_570_100_msg0015 84 Pals?
16 campfev11_570_100_msg0016 84 N-no, Your Majesty, I assure you that's not quite what-
17 campfev11_570_100_msg0017 84 If you could turn that wit on Malos and his Gargoyles, they wouldn't stand a chance, eh?
18 campfev11_570_100_msg0018 84 Grr...
19 campfev11_570_100_msg0019 84 *huff*