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1 campfev11_550_150_msg0001 84 We have to get back to the capital!
2 campfev11_550_150_msg0002 84 I know! We need to drive off the Gargoyles before they do too much damage!
3 campfev11_550_150_msg0003 84 Sending the Gargoyles in the advance party? That's a coward's tactic. He should be ashamed of himself.
4 campfev11_550_150_msg0004 84 It's cowardly, sure...but it's working. The people in the capital are in total disarray.
5 campfev11_550_150_msg0005 84 We have to do something to help, and fast.
6 campfev11_550_150_msg0006 84 Comrades... Your haste to act is natural, and to be praised.
7 campfev11_550_150_msg0007 84 But to pluck an unripe fruit is to taste a bitter defeat.
8 campfev11_550_150_msg0008 84 His Majesty puts forth that we shouldn't rush in without the proper preparation.
9 campfev11_550_150_msg0009 84 Yes... You're right.
10 campfev11_550_150_msg0010 84 Thank you both. Cool-headed thinking is exactly what we need at a time like this.
11 campfev11_550_150_msg0011 84 Let's make sure all our preparations are complete before we head back to the capital.