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1 campfev11_550_100_msg0001 84 We must hurry to the court of the Tornan King to make known Malos's foul intent.
2 campfev11_550_100_msg0002 84 You're right.
3 campfev11_550_100_msg0003 84 The sooner we can deliver our report, the more chance we have of averting the carnage that Malos hopes to bring.
4 campfev11_550_100_msg0004 84 Maybe it's best if I wait out the front of the palace.
5 campfev11_550_100_msg0005 84 I've got a bad feeling about this.
6 campfev11_550_100_msg0006 84 How bad are we talking?
7 campfev11_550_100_msg0007 84 Actually... You guys'll be fine. Don't pay too much attention to my weird hunches.
8 campfev11_550_100_msg0008 84 OK. If you say so!