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1 campfev11_500_100_msg0001 84 Hey, you could rest up at Hyber Village today instead of camping. Did you think of that?
2 campfev11_500_100_msg0002 84 I mean, I know how much you like stinky, damp, flea-ridden tents. But it'd make a nice change.
3 campfev11_500_100_msg0003 84 Haha... Isn't it always the case, Minoth?
4 campfev11_500_100_msg0004 84 If you plan to journey in comfort, then disappointment is sure to join your entourage.
5 campfev11_500_100_msg0005 84 Yeah, that's probably true for the likes of me. But there's no need for you to be roughing it out here, Your Majesty.
6 campfev11_500_100_msg0006 84 Addam is my comrade in arms. We have two hearts, but one goal.
7 campfev11_500_100_msg0007 84 Heh. Simple enough reason.
8 campfev11_500_100_msg0008 84 Simple, and strong. Enough to bind our friendship, like a rope weft from a stout and common plant.
9 campfev11_500_100_msg0009 84 But you and I are no less tightly bound, are we not, Minoth?
10 campfev11_500_100_msg0010 84 Uhm...
11 campfev11_500_100_msg0011 84 ...Yes?