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1 campfev11_400_150_msg0001 84 Hey, Addam...
2 campfev11_400_150_msg0002 84 How come we're low on food?
3 campfev11_400_150_msg0003 84 Like, aren't you the boss round here? Couldn't you just tax 'em a little?
4 campfev11_400_150_msg0004 84 I'd hate to see you in power! Life is hard here, Mythra.
5 campfev11_400_150_msg0005 84 Aletta's in the hinterlands of Torna. The population is small compared to the capital.
6 campfev11_400_150_msg0006 84 With the resistance forces coming in such large numbers, resources are strained. There's no preparing for it.
7 campfev11_400_150_msg0007 84 I can't really force them to provide for us. And anyhow, taking care of ourselves is the right thing to do.
8 campfev11_400_150_msg0008 84 Makes sense, I guess. A little.
9 campfev11_400_150_msg0009 84 We'll all need to start doing our bit from now on to try to ease the food supply problem.
10 campfev11_400_150_msg0010 84 That's right. It's the only way we'll be able to manage.
11 campfev11_400_150_msg0011 84 Hey, Master Addam! If there's anything you need me and Mik to do, then just holler, and we'll do it!
12 campfev11_400_150_msg0012 84 I mean, it's not right for us to just freeload. We want to earn our keep!
13 campfev11_400_150_msg0013 84 Haha... Thanks everyone. I think we're going to be just fine.