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1 campfev11_3650_msg0001 84 You think it's time?
2 campfev11_3650_msg0002 84 Certainly seems that way.
3 campfev11_3650_msg0003 84 Time for what?
4 campfev11_3650_msg0004 84 Time for the final confrontation with Malos.
5 campfev11_3650_msg0005 84 The preparations for the evacuation of Torna are well underway.
6 campfev11_3650_msg0006 84 We managed to circumvent a lot of the difficulties, thanks to Lora.
7 campfev11_3650_msg0007 84 Our chances in a confrontation with Malos seem to grow ever larger.
8 campfev11_3650_msg0008 84 Yeah. It's true.
9 campfev11_3650_msg0009 84 But Malos isn't just going to wait for us forever.
10 campfev11_3650_msg0010 84 And I feel like I'm gonna get pins and needles if I have to sit on my hands any longer.
11 campfev11_3650_msg0011 84 We need to face up to this now. It's make or break time.
12 campfev11_3650_msg0012 84 His Majesty puts forth that we should return briefly to the capital.
13 campfev11_3650_msg0013 84 Well, let's head out there then!