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1 campfev11_340_150_msg0001 84 Addam... Are you alright?
2 campfev11_340_150_msg0002 84 Yes. I'm fine.
3 campfev11_340_150_msg0003 84 We should head to Aletta as soon as possible and regroup with the rest of the resistance.
4 campfev11_340_150_msg0004 84 Yeah... We should probably pick up the pace.
5 campfev11_340_150_msg0005 84 If Aletta is our destination, then we can make use of the ferry that leaves from Lascham Cove.
6 campfev11_340_150_msg0006 84 So we're just going to go in a regular old boat? Why don't we take the Emperor's fancy boat?
7 campfev11_340_150_msg0007 84 Mythra, I'm certain I told you this before, but we can't pilot military vessels into Torna right now...
8 campfev11_340_150_msg0008 84 ...Sounds like an excuse for being mean, if you ask me.
9 campfev11_340_150_msg0009 84 If I may, Mythra, the person exhibiting meanness of spirit right now, is you.
10 campfev11_340_150_msg0010 84 Haha! Wonderful to see Brighid making a new friend.
11 campfev11_340_150_msg0011 84 Your Majesty... I beg to differ. "Friend" is hardly the appropriate word...
12 campfev11_340_150_msg0012 84 For once, I agree with ol' bluebottle here.