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1 campfev11_240_150_msg0001 84 Jin... Worried about being away from Lora?
2 campfev11_240_150_msg0002 84 Of course I am.
3 campfev11_240_150_msg0003 84 Perhaps...I bear some responsibility in this matter.
4 campfev11_240_150_msg0004 84 No, it's not that... I just...
5 campfev11_240_150_msg0005 84 Pretty unusual for you to get rattled, Jin.
6 campfev11_240_150_msg0006 84 Hmph.
7 campfev11_240_150_msg0007 84 I understand your feelings, Jin. Well, you needn't worry.
8 campfev11_240_150_msg0008 84 At any rate, we should probably get ourselves over to the flagship as soon as possible.
9 campfev11_240_150_msg0009 84 And when we've finished sharing information, we can make our way back to Torigoth.
10 campfev11_240_150_msg0010 84 Sounds good. I feel like we should take care of this pronto, for Jin's sake.
11 campfev11_240_150_msg0011 84 You're only saying that because you can't stand dealing with the stuffiness.
12 campfev11_240_150_msg0012 84 Zip it, Milton!