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1 campfev11_2000_msg0001 84 Well then. Shall we get back to Aletta?
2 campfev11_2000_msg0002 84 You're very eager to get on with the training, aren't you...?
3 campfev11_2000_msg0003 84 Indeed.
4 campfev11_2000_msg0004 84 How about we use Haze's power, then?
5 campfev11_2000_msg0005 84 With her ability to restrict Blades' actions, it could be a nice exercise.
6 campfev11_2000_msg0006 84 Now that's a plan I like.
7 campfev11_2000_msg0007 84 Will you help us, Haze?
8 campfev11_2000_msg0008 84 Happily!
9 campfev11_2000_msg0009 84 We'll get on it as soon as we're back. Hope you're ready, Mythra.
10 campfev11_2000_msg0010 84 Yeah, yeah, yeah...