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1 campfev11_190_150_msg0001 84 Perhaps we should investigate Torigoth a little more...?
2 campfev11_190_150_msg0002 84 I'd like to do something to mark the graves of these poor people... Not just mother's...
3 campfev11_190_150_msg0003 84 Of course, Lora. Let's do it.
4 campfev11_190_150_msg0004 84 Milton, Mythra, and I will be honored to help you with that.
5 campfev11_190_150_msg0005 84 Uhm...
6 campfev11_190_150_msg0006 84 "Honored" is kind of a strong word.
7 campfev11_190_150_msg0007 84 I' to help too.
8 campfev11_190_150_msg0008 84 Thank you, Mikhail.
9 campfev11_190_150_msg0009 84 It's nothing.
10 campfev11_190_150_msg0010 84 Uh... Hey. I'll help. No worries. None.
11 campfev11_190_150_msg0011 84 Nice to see everyone's feeling so... community spirited. I'm impressed!
12 campfev11_190_150_msg0012 84 OK! Let's head back to Torigoth.