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1 campfev11_0500_msg0001 84 Before we set out from Yanchik Harbor, we should really try and fix that ether miasma.
2 campfev11_0500_msg0002 84 Haze... This'll be one for you.
3 campfev11_0500_msg0003 84 Got it! Leave it to me!
4 campfev11_0500_msg0004 84 Ugh, why? You don't have to do this, you know.
5 campfev11_0500_msg0005 84 Come now, Mythra. We can't just leave the stuff hanging around for some unwary traveler to walk right into.
6 campfev11_0500_msg0006 84 I guess...
7 campfev11_0500_msg0007 84 Haze is gonna use her ether powers, right? Eh, maybe I'll tag along for a little while.
8 campfev11_0500_msg0008 84 Haha! I knew you'd come round.
9 campfev11_0500_msg0009 84 Whatever you say...