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1 bf11560100_0010 82 Hello, partner. This is a first.
2 bf11560100_0020 82 Malos...
3 bf11560100_0030 82 So this is the Aegis... Malos...
4 bf11560100_0040 82 He has an awesome presence...
5 bf11560100_0045 82 We would do well to proceed with caution...
6 bf11560100_0050 82 Agreed...
7 bf11560100_0060 82 Your MO is different this time, Malos. What are you trying to do?
8 bf11560100_0070 82 If this is a joke, it's not funny.
9 bf11560100_0080 82 I got bored of it.
10 bf11560100_0090 82 ...Bored?
11 bf11560100_0100 82 Letting Siren have all the fun got old, I mean.
12 bf11560100_0110 82 I wanted to see the humans dance. The dance of death, in the flames of hellfire.
13 bf11560100_0120 82 What do you...?
14 bf11560100_0130 82 That.
15 bf11560100_0140 82 I know full well what the Tornan Titan truly is.
16 bf11560100_0150 82 I've decided... I'm gonna lay that truth bare, for everyone to see.
17 bf11560100_0160 82 Malos... Bastard!
18 bf11560100_0170 82 Each of the Artifices I command...
19 bf11560100_0180 82 ...holds ether energy that would rival even the largest Titan.
20 bf11560100_0190 82 Imagine if a legion of them made it to the core of the Tornan Titan and unleashed that energy all at once...
21 bf11560100_0200 82 Our time for dancing would be short, but sweet.
22 bf11560100_0210 82 [ML:undisp ]Guh!
23 bf11560100_0220 82 You want me to stop?
24 bf11560100_0225 82 Had enough? Then try and make me.
25 bf11560100_0230 82 C'mon. Come at me!