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1 bf11390100_0010 82 Amazing, Lora. Even when I foresee your movements, you counter me instantly.
2 bf11390100_0015 82 [ML:undisp ]adlib swordfighting
3 bf11390100_0020 82 I couldn't do it without Haze's power!
4 bf11390100_0030 82 What about you? I don't see you using Mythra's hidden ability!
5 bf11390100_0040 82 And what if we did?
6 bf11390100_0050 82 Well, if you did...
7 bf11390100_0060 82 I'd just have to bring out my original Blade!
8 bf11390100_0070 82 Master Addam...
9 bf11390100_0080 82 Your evening meal is ready for you.
10 bf11390100_0090 82 Oh, is it that time already?
11 bf11390100_0100 82 The days are so long at this time of year, I just start losing track...
12 bf11390100_0110 82 Oh, finished already? That's a shame. I was hoping to join in.
13 bf11390100_0120 82 Join in? By yourself?
14 bf11390100_0130 82 His Majesty has many pressing matters to attend to. Besides, I'm used to working alone.
15 bf11390100_0140 82 A Driver and Blade are one in body and soul. That's their very nature.
16 bf11390100_0150 82 You're not at full strength without him.
17 bf11390100_0160 82 It's not so simple as all that.
18 bf11390100_0170 82 I know I've yet to unlock the depths of your power.
19 bf11390100_0180 82 Really? I feel like I've been giving it my all.
20 bf11390100_0190 82 But you never stop growing.
21 bf11390100_0200 82 At any rate, Haze's ability to restrict other Blades is indispensable.
22 bf11390100_0210 82 It's perfect for training. We're lucky.
23 bf11390100_0220 82 When she stops me using my Foresight... It's certainly difficult.
24 bf11390100_0230 82 Oh, but you honor me too much. I'm just happy to help you both in any way I can.
25 bf11390100_0240 82 ...Next to each other like that, you really do look like twins, you two.
26 bf11390100_0250 82 It's rare for the Driver's nature to appear so strongly in their Blade.
27 bf11390100_0260 82 People tell me that from time to time, but is it really true?
28 bf11390100_0270 82 Perhaps...
29 bf11390100_0280 82 But whatever the reason, I am happy if I look even a little like you, my lady.
30 bf11390100_0290 82 We're even the same dress size!
31 bf11390100_0300 82 Right?
32 bf11390100_0310 82 [ML:undisp ]
33 bf11390100_0320 82 By the way...
34 bf11390100_0330 82 We want to try taking you on next, Jin.
35 bf11390100_0340 82 Well? How about it, Jin?
36 bf11390100_0350 82 I'm afraid I don't particularly like fighting.
37 bf11390100_0360 82 And to think we're hearing that from "the strongest man in Torna".
38 bf11390100_0370 82 But perhaps there's truth in those words.
39 bf11390100_0380 82 After all, he...
40 bf11390100_0390 82 or rather, they...
41 bf11390100_0400 82 My lord, my lady! We've discovered Malos's target!
42 bf11390100_0410 82 The capital!
43 bf11390100_0420 82 What? ...Are you sure...?
44 bf11390100_0430 82 Yes, no doubt about it!