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1 bf11380100_0010 82 Ahoy! Miss me?
2 bf11380100_0020 82 Lord Addam?
3 bf11380100_0030 82 Lord Addam's finally come back!
4 bf11380100_0040 82 Welcome back, Lord Addam!
5 bf11380100_0050 82 Wow... Someone's got himself a bit of a fan club.
6 bf11380100_0060 82 Maybe that's why he decided to take action, to wield that love for good.
7 bf11380100_0070 82 By the way... Addam gave the order to meet in this place specifically, right?
8 bf11380100_0080 82 What's so special about it?
9 bf11380100_0090 82 This land is Addam's domain.
10 bf11380100_0100 82 Look, that over there is his manor.
11 bf11380100_0110 82 Hahh... Certainly fit for a prince.
12 bf11380100_0120 82 Eh, it could stand to be bigger.
13 bf11380100_0125 82 And, you know, not in the middle of nowhere...
14 bf11380100_0130 82 Are you completely incapable of saying something without sarcasm?
15 bf11380100_0140 82 Sorry, it's just how I am. I don't really think I can help it.
16 bf11380100_0150 82 She's right, though. It is quite a way from the capital.
17 bf11380100_0160 82 He is far too esteemed for his own good.
18 bf11380100_0170 82 Fourth in line to the throne, but loved by soldiers and citizens...
19 bf11380100_0180 82 His relations with High Prince Zettar are quite strained as a result, I hear.
20 bf11380100_0190 82 Really? I suppose even princes have problems.