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1 bf11330100_0010 82 Thank you all for joining me here.
2 bf11330100_0020 82 I'm afraid I have important news that I need to impart to Addam.
3 bf11330100_0030 82 Oh yes?
4 bf11330100_0040 82 It's about the militia.
5 bf11330100_0050 82 The who now?
6 bf11330100_0060 82 I've been gathering an army in Uraya. People who've lost homes, families.
7 bf11330100_0070 82 People who'll make a stand against Malos.
8 bf11330100_0080 82 Well, according to intelligence we received, they have departed from Uraya now.
9 bf11330100_0090 82 What? Why? Malos's whereabouts are still unclear.
10 bf11330100_0100 82 It seems that Uraya has conscripted them all.
11 bf11330100_0110 82 It's now a special regiment of the Urayan self-defense forces.
12 bf11330100_0120 82 I thought I'd sorted this all out with the Urayan king...
13 bf11330100_0130 82 At His Majesty's behest, we have ascertained the position of the moving troops.
14 bf11330100_0140 82 They are heading to Torna as we speak.
15 bf11330100_0150 82 We have established communications, so you can send word at any time.
16 bf11330100_0160 82 [ML:undisp ]...
17 bf11330100_0170 82 When they get to Torna... Tell them to go to Aletta... Gah...
18 bf11330100_0180 82 As you say.