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1 bf11210150_0010 82 It's good to see you again, Prince Addam. Please forgive the actions of my guards.
2 bf11210150_0020 82 Don't you worry about it.
3 bf11210150_0022 82 I'm just glad to see you well, Your Imperial Majesty.
4 bf11210150_0030 82 Imperial...Majesty?
5 bf11210150_0040 82 May I introduce...
6 bf11210150_0050 82 The Emperor of Mor Ardain, Hugo Ardanach.
7 bf11210150_0060 82 The Ardainian Emperor?!
8 bf11210150_0070 82 What's someone of his station doing out here?
9 bf11210150_0080 82 You know, our stations are fairly similar...
10 bf11210150_0090 82 Not that you'd ever know...
11 bf11210150_0100 82 Thanks! I try.
12 bf11210150_0110 82 I've come for the Aegis.
13 bf11210150_0120 82 Its actions have been felt in Mor Ardain, as well. We're currently chasing it down.
14 bf11210150_0130 82 The same as us, then.
15 bf11210150_0140 82 But coming here yourself?
16 bf11210150_0150 82 My brother is ruling in my absence.
17 bf11210150_0160 82 I see... And so you brought Brighid and Aegaeon...?
18 bf11210150_0170 82 [ML:undisp ]?
19 bf11210150_0180 82 Those two are the Crown Jewels of the Ardainian forces.
20 bf11210150_0190 82 Wielding them on the front lines is the duty of he who has the throne.
21 bf11210150_0200 82 Indeed... That ought to have been my older brother.
22 bf11210150_0210 82 But he didn't have the potential to become a Driver.
23 bf11210150_0220 82 And now, here you are,
24 bf11210150_0222 82 bonded with both of them.
25 bf11210150_0230 82 The Special Inquisitor is under my brother's direct command.
26 bf11210150_0240 82 Oh.
27 bf11210150_0250 82 Should I fall in battle, he has his orders to retrieve the Core Crystals.
28 bf11210150_0260 82 That sounds cold...
29 bf11210150_0270 82 That's how it goes with matters of state.
30 bf11210150_0280 82 And yet.
31 bf11210150_0282 82 It works out well for me.
32 bf11210150_0290 82 I have always wanted to put myself on the line for our people.
33 bf11210150_0300 82 And I never enjoyed wielding authority in the first place.
34 bf11210150_0310 82 I feel the same way. I don't get why anyone would want to sit on a throne.
35 bf11210150_0320 82 Yes, that? If Prince Zettar knew, there would be consequences.
36 bf11210150_0330 82 Let's...pretend you didn't hear me say that.
37 bf11210150_0340 82 You two will never see eye to eye. Better to leave well enough alone.
38 bf11210150_0350 82 Ruling is... Frankly, it's a scary thought.
39 bf11210150_0360 82 Just imagine, becoming someone you don't recognize...
40 bf11210150_0370 82 Never knowing who's looking back at you in the mirror...
41 bf11210150_0380 82 Prince Addam.
42 bf11210150_0382 82 I'd be happy if you called me Hugo, like old times.
43 bf11210150_0390 82 I will, dear Hugo. But only if you'll call me Addam in return.
44 bf11210150_0400 82 Well, it would be beneficial to share our findings. But perhaps elsewhere might be better?
45 bf11210150_0410 82 How about Your Majesty's flagship?
46 bf11210150_0415 82 Indeed.
47 bf11210150_0420 82 Flag...ship?
48 bf11210150_0430 82 Is something the matter, Lady Lora?
49 bf11210150_0440 82 I'm just...not very good in that kind of stuffy environment...
50 bf11210150_0450 82 You're not alone there! That's the worst.
51 bf11210150_0460 82 Right?!
52 bf11210150_0462 82 I think I'll sit this particular venture out.
53 bf11210150_0470 82 Yeah, I'm out too.
54 bf11210150_0480 82 Oh no you don't.
55 bf11210150_0490 82 Wait a minute... Is that her?
56 bf11210150_0500 82 Yes. This is Mythra, one of the Aegises.
57 bf11210150_0510 82 [ML:undisp ]...
58 bf11210150_0520 82 Your account would be valuable as well, Lora.
59 bf11210150_0530 82 Everything I've seen or heard, Jin will know as well.
60 bf11210150_0540 82 Ah, y-yes, that's true.
61 bf11210150_0550 82 Please, would you go instead of me please?
62 bf11210150_0560 82 Of course. I will do as you wish.
63 bf11210150_0570 82 Thank you kindly.
64 bf11210150_0572 82 Well then, shall we?