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1 bf11110100_0010 82 I see... So that's when...
2 bf11110100_0015 82 What a sad, sad tale, Lora...
3 bf11110100_0018 82 [ML:undisp ]adlib weeping at sadness of tale
4 bf11110100_0020 82 Oh, here we go again...
5 bf11110100_0040 82 Don't let it get cold, now.
6 bf11110100_0090 82 So then, how come you've enlisted with a band of mercenaries?
7 bf11110100_0100 82 I guess I like the freedom.
8 bf11110100_0110 82 This way I'm not tied down, so I can help out with causes I really believe in, you know?
9 bf11110100_0120 82 Going's tough everywhere you look these days, right? I can't ignore it, can I?
10 bf11110100_0130 82 I understand.
11 bf11110100_0140 82 Fat load of good that'll do in the long run. The world keeps turning anyway.
12 bf11110100_0150 82 You might think that.
13 bf11110100_0160 82 But mercenaries and statesmen each have their own views and ways to effect change.
14 bf11110100_0170 82 It's not in vain.
15 bf11110100_0180 82 Huh. A Blade siding with humans... You don't see that every day.
16 bf11110100_0190 82 I think it's Blades like you that are rare.
17 bf11110100_0200 82 Well, duh! You do know what I am, right?
18 bf11110100_0210 82 Lacking in compassion.
19 bf11110100_0220 82 [ML:undisp ]Huh?!
20 bf11110100_0230 82 Blades like you really are a rare sight. That may be for the best.
21 bf11110100_0240 82 [ML:undisp ]Ngh!
22 bf11110100_0250 82 So about Jin... I suppose you have to take him away from me.
23 bf11110100_0260 82 I could try to slay you right here...
24 bf11110100_0270 82 But...?
25 bf11110100_0280 82 But my mission is to stop the Aegis's destruction...
26 bf11110100_0290 82 To subdue Malos. Not to seek out lost trinkets.
27 bf11110100_0300 82 Who cares about Paragons anyway?
28 bf11110100_0310 82 [ML:undisp ]Huh?
29 bf11110100_0320 82 How about... you two join up, lend us your strength?
30 bf11110100_0330 82 You're incredibly powerful. There's loads I want to pick up from that trick from before!
31 bf11110100_0340 82 Let's see...
32 bf11110100_0350 82 We'll say I found the Paragon on my journey... And decided to entrust him to you.
33 bf11110100_0360 82 To help with Malos.
34 bf11110100_0370 82 Well? Sound plausible?
35 bf11110100_0380 82 That's just...