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1 bf10240100_0010 82 You have seen the plain called Morytha, have you not?
2 bf10240100_0020 82 That is what remains of my world.
3 bf10240100_0030 82 When I opened the Conduit, many people and many things...
4 bf10240100_0040 82 disappeared, into distant dimensions.
5 bf10240100_0050 82 All that remained here were the ruins of Morytha...
6 bf10240100_0060 82 and half of my body.
7 bf10240100_0070 82 [ML:undisp ]!
8 bf10240100_0080 82 Your...body...
9 bf10240100_0090 82 Half of me lives on in some other dimension.
10 bf10240100_0100 82 But...not for much longer.
11 bf10240100_0110 82 What do you mean?
12 bf10240100_0120 82 The moment of my other self's demise draws near.
13 bf10240100_0130 82 Father, you...
14 bf10240100_0140 82 I was a fool.
15 bf10240100_0150 82 Because of my foolishness, I lost everything.
16 bf10240100_0160 82 Left here, alone and broken, I longed for oblivion... But even that eluded me.
17 bf10240100_0170 82 This is my punishment...
18 bf10240100_0180 82 Retribution from on high, for the sin I have committed...
19 bf10240100_0190 82 On high...?
20 bf10240100_0200 82 There was only one thing I could do...
21 bf10240100_0210 82 I had to atone for my sin.
22 bf10240100_0220 82 I swore to restore this world.
23 bf10240100_0230 82 The first thing I created...
24 bf10240100_0240 82 was a special particulate substance with the ability to restore deteriorated matter.
25 bf10240100_0250 82 You all know it as the Cloud Sea.
26 bf10240100_0260 82 The Cloud Sea can disassemble matter it comes in contact with,
27 bf10240100_0270 82 and rebuild it in the image of all the things that once made up this world.
28 bf10240100_0290 82 This way, little by little I could rebuild the world I had brought to ruin...
29 bf10240100_0300 82 Next, I began to recreate life.
30 bf10240100_0310 82 I gathered miniature vessels containing memories of all this planet's former lifeforms,
31 bf10240100_0320 82 and I scattered them across the Cloud Sea. These are the Core Crystals.
32 bf10240100_0330 82 The Crystals bonded with the Cloud Sea's particulate reconstructors...
33 bf10240100_0340 82 and formed the nuclei of new life.
34 bf10240100_0350 82 Those nuclei developed into minute lifeforms-
35 bf10240100_0360 82 the Titans-who would over time grow larger and larger.
36 bf10240100_0370 82 Finally, the Titans gave birth
37 bf10240100_0380 82 to complex organisms, based on the data in their Core Crystals.
38 bf10240100_0390 82 This newly-birthed life, over untold millennia...
39 bf10240100_0400 82 evolved into a new breed of mankind.
40 bf10240100_0410 82 So that's how we came to live in this world...
41 bf10240100_0420 82 But I did not trust this world, born as it had been.
42 bf10240100_0430 82 What if it were to repeat our mistakes?
43 bf10240100_0440 82 What if someone like me appeared?
44 bf10240100_0450 82 To stave off these doubts, I implemented one final measure.
45 bf10240100_0460 82 And so the Blades were born.
46 bf10240100_0470 82 [ML:undisp ]Ah!
47 bf10240100_0480 82 Ontos, Logos and Pneuma...
48 bf10240100_0490 82 the three cores of the Trinity Processor formed their cornerstone.
49 bf10240100_0500 82 However... Ontos triggered a space-time transition event, and disappeared forever.
50 bf10240100_0510 82 I was left with the other two, Logos and Pneuma, entrusting them with managing the Blades.
51 bf10240100_0520 82 Malos and Pyra...
52 bf10240100_0530 82 Those are the names that you now know them under.
53 bf10240100_0540 82 So, I am... Pneuma...
54 bf10240100_0550 82 'Managing'?
55 bf10240100_0560 82 The Core Crystals at the heart of each Blade
56 bf10240100_0570 82 are tasked with relaying all kinds of information to Logos and Pneuma...
57 bf10240100_0580 82 About the selection pressures of the outside world, and the biological status of their bonded human,
58 bf10240100_0590 82 but also the experiences and emotions they share.
59 bf10240100_0600 82 As the data continually accrues...
60 bf10240100_0610 82 new evolutionary code is sent back to the Core Crystals,
61 bf10240100_0620 82 and this code is used to create new, further evolved Blades.
62 bf10240100_0630 82 These Blades too become Titans, in time,
63 bf10240100_0640 82 and create new generations of lifeforms...
64 bf10240100_0650 82 This was the new circle of life I had created.
65 bf10240100_0660 82 A grand scheme...
66 bf10240100_0670 82 It boggles the mind a tad.
67 bf10240100_0680 82 So we were all born from this endless cycle of life...
68 bf10240100_0690 82 To replace the victims of the previous world.
69 bf10240100_0700 82 That's right.
70 bf10240100_0710 82 But there were also a handful of survivors.
71 bf10240100_0720 82 I believe you saw them when you were in Morytha.
72 bf10240100_0730 82 The unfortunate ones who clung to life...
73 bf10240100_0740 82 [ML:undisp ]Ahh...!
74 bf10240100_0750 82 You mean those monsters... Were they...originally people?
75 bf10240100_0760 82 Core Crystals were first conceived as a replacement for human brain cells.
76 bf10240100_0770 82
77 bf10240100_0780 82 A product of mankind's age-old quest for immortality.
78 bf10240100_0790 82 And that's what became of them...? How awful.
79 bf10240100_0800 82 But that technology became the starting point for the creation of Blades and Titans.
80 bf10240100_0810 82 So in one sense, their sacrifice was not in vain...
81 bf10240100_0820 82 Though not all may see it as such.
82 bf10240100_0830 82 So, tell us. In the end...
83 bf10240100_0840 82 Did we develop as you had hoped?
84 bf10240100_0850 82 What do you think?
85 bf10240100_0860 82 I...couldn't possibly...
86 bf10240100_0870 82 Well... Those phantasms which you all experienced earlier...
87 bf10240100_0880 82 Those are feelings that lurk in all of your hearts.
88 bf10240100_0890 82 ...As well as that man, Amalthus's...