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1 bf10180100_0003 82 What is this place...? What's wrong with everyone...?
2 bf10180100_0007 82 Pyra, Mythra... Gramps... Where are you? Where are you guys?!
3 bf10180100_0010 82 Why Rex-Rex run?
4 bf10180100_0020 82 Tora...
5 bf10180100_0030 82 Poppi... Zeke and Pandoria... Don't tell me you're all...
6 bf10180100_0040 82 You having fun, chum?
7 bf10180100_0050 82 Playing the hero like the kid you are, stringing us adults along...
8 bf10180100_0060 82 T-that's not-
9 bf10180100_0070 82 Rex-Rex is bad friend.
10 bf10180100_0080 82 Why Rex-Rex become Driver, when Tora cannot become Driver?
11 bf10180100_0090 82 Tora try so hard, and for what? It useless!
12 bf10180100_0100 82 Masterpon is right.
13 bf10180100_0110 82 Rex just have a little luck and become Driver of Aegis?
14 bf10180100_0120 82 Poppi never ask to be born as imitation...
15 bf10180100_0130 82 Poppi want to be real, too!
16 bf10180100_0140 82 Not fair!
17 bf10180100_0150 82 I bet it felt real good, didn't it?
18 bf10180100_0160 82 Getting special treatment from everyone, getting chosen by the Aegis...
19 bf10180100_0170 82 Who decided you should have all that power?
20 bf10180100_0180 82 How about you hand it over to the Prince right now.
21 bf10180100_0190 82 He deserves it.
22 bf10180100_0200 82 Stop it already! I did nothing wrong to any of you!
23 bf10180100_0210 82 So you haven't worked that out, either?
24 bf10180100_0220 82 In your hurry to get here, you never stopped to consider...
25 bf10180100_0230 82 all the things you left lying in your wake!