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1 bf09200100_0010 82 What do you see?
2 bf09200100_0020 82 What do I see? I see a bunch of people struggling to stay alive.
3 bf09200100_0030 82 Same as almost everyone else on Alrest right now.
4 bf09200100_0040 82 Zeke. Have you ever taken a person's life?
5 bf09200100_0050 82 Can't say I have. Never seen the need for it, myself.
6 bf09200100_0060 82 Oh...?
7 bf09200100_0070 82 Why does anyone kill others?
8 bf09200100_0080 82 Because they're in your way, or because you can't bear the sight of 'em.
9 bf09200100_0090 82 You kill because you're weak.
10 bf09200100_0100 82 But I'm not weak. So I don't need to kill anyone.
11 bf09200100_0110 82 And I don't mean physically, yeah?
12 bf09200100_0120 82 I mean in here.
13 bf09200100_0130 82 I suppose...that makes me weak, then.
14 bf09200100_0140 82 But that weakness is why I'm standing here today...
15 bf09200100_0150 82 So you hate them? Humans.
16 bf09200100_0160 82 No...
17 bf09200100_0170 82 I hate this world.