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1 bf08400100_0010 82 An explosion?
2 bf08400100_0020 82 A battle, perhaps?
3 bf08400100_0030 82 So, this is what the World Tree's really like...
4 bf08400100_0040 82 These... They aren't leaves... They're glyphs?
5 bf08400100_0050 82 Hey, look!
6 bf08400100_0060 82 An old Tornan warship... Didn't think there'd be any of those left...
7 bf08400100_0070 82 Never mind that! What's this?
8 bf08400100_0080 82 I had no idea Indol could make it up this high.
9 bf08400100_0090 82 Cloud Sea loooooooong way down!
10 bf08400100_0100 82 It appears that Indol has modified their Titan as old Temperantia did with theirs.
11 bf08400100_0110 82 But, that much firepower...
12 bf08400100_0120 82 I did not know Indol possessed so much force.
13 bf08400100_0130 82 No need to ask what they plan to do with it.
14 bf08400100_0140 82 They anticipated it. That Jin and Malos would try to ascend.
15 bf08400100_0150 82 So...Jin is inside that thing?
16 bf08400100_0160 82 Yes. No doubt.
17 bf08400100_0170 82 Let's hurry! We can't let them make it to Elysium!
18 bf08400100_0180 82 How do we get up there though? The anchor's not going to reach.
19 bf08400100_0190 82 We just need to get a bit closer...