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1 bf07200100_0010 82 How he's still alive with his Crystal in that state...
2 bf07200100_0020 82 Seriously, it's not normal.
3 bf07200100_0030 82 The Aegis is the Master Blade.
4 bf07200100_0040 74 The first Blade the Architect forged.
5 bf07200100_0050 82 Malos can do things we can only dream of.
6 bf07200100_0060 82 And? How's he going to restore his core exactly?
7 bf07200100_0070 82 He'll extract the data he's missing from the core of the other Aegis. Then all his power will be restored.
8 bf07200100_0080 82 Mhmm. OK. So what will that do to her?
9 bf07200100_0090 82 Heheh... Well, if she's lucky, she'll live. Heh. As an empty husk, that is.
10 bf07200100_0100 82 Rough deal. Malos doesn't hold back, huh?