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1 bf06490150_0010 82 So it was hidden all the way out here... No wonder we couldn't find it.
2 bf06490150_0020 82 [ML:undisp ]What-!
3 bf06490150_0030 82 I'd just been wondering whether it was time to make an exit... Thanks for saving me the trouble.
4 bf06490150_0040 82 Lovely to see that tedious woman isn't here to get in our way this time!
5 bf06490150_0050 82 Care to join me in a dance of death, Nia?
6 bf06490150_0060 82 I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.
7 bf06490150_0070 82 Mean little girl.
8 bf06490150_0080 82 You've come for the Fetter, haven't you.
9 bf06490150_0090 82 Perceptive, kid.
10 bf06490150_0100 82 Condescending much? It's not like there's anything else here.
11 bf06490150_0110 82 You are SO mean.
12 bf06490150_0120 82 Now, hand it over nicely...
13 bf06490150_0130 82 ...would be the classic line, but no.
14 bf06490150_0140 82 I'm not letting you escape with your lives. For Jin's sake.
15 bf06490150_0150 82 Where are Jin and Malos, anyway? There are a few things I need to ask them.
16 bf06490150_0160 82 Frankly, I don't think they've got much interest in what you have to say.
17 bf06490150_0170 82 Sure about that?
18 bf06490150_0180 82 Quite sure, yes.
19 bf06490150_0190 82 Not to interrupt the verbal sparring...
20 bf06490150_0192 82 but how do you plan on doing anything without your Blades?
21 bf06490150_0200 82 We're no pushovers, you know.
22 bf06490150_0210 82 Oh, we're quite aware of that.
23 bf06490150_0215 82 We just don't need them, you see.
24 bf06490150_0220 82 Explain yourself.
25 bf06490150_0230 82 Core Crystals?!
26 bf06490150_0240 82 They're Blades?!
27 bf06490150_0250 82 Worse- Flesh Eaters...
28 bf06490150_0260 82 Bravo! Very good!
29 bf06490150_0270 82 We've had many an interruption in the past...
30 bf06490150_0280 82 but here, that seems less likely. So let's go all out.
31 bf06490150_0290 82 You can try, but I assure you, we won't go down easy.
32 bf06490150_0300 82 I wouldn't have it any other way.
33 bf06490150_0310 82 Like I said, all out.