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1 bf06290100_0010 82 So what now, my Prince?
2 bf06290100_0020 82 This pisses me right off...
3 bf06290100_0030 82 Um, say what?
4 bf06290100_0040 82 I said, I'm pissed off!
5 bf06290100_0050 82 Doing it for the world, my arse. How self-serving can you get...?
6 bf06290100_0060 82 How d'you mean...?
7 bf06290100_0070 82 This country's strangling itself to death with its own web of lies and excuses!
8 bf06290100_0080 82 But just maybe...our chum could break it free...
9 bf06290100_0090 82 Rex could?
10 bf06290100_0100 82 No faith, eh?
11 bf06290100_0110 82 Hey, whatever. If you believe in him, my Prince, I'm with you all the way.
12 bf06290100_0120 82 That kid's heart is pure.
13 bf06290100_0130 82 Too pure for his own good, sometimes.
14 bf06290100_0140 82 But isn't it our duty as adults to give him a little help with that?
15 bf06290100_0150 82 Probably. You know, this is what I like about you.
16 bf06290100_0160 82 This won't be easy...
17 bf06290100_0170 82 Oh quit it with your drama! When is anything ever easy for you?
18 bf06290100_0175 82 [ML:undisp ]Adlib laugh
19 bf06290100_0180 82 Heh. Let's go!