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1 bf06230170_0010 82 Whoa, that's a pretty lively market.
2 bf06230170_0020 82 It's the black market.
3 bf06230170_0030 82 Black market?
4 bf06230170_0040 82 Tantal is so cold, there's precious little in the way of local produce to sell.
5 bf06230170_0050 82 Just look. All the regular shops are shuttered.
6 bf06230170_0060 82 You're right, they're mostly empty.
7 bf06230170_0070 82 Instead, folks pay ungodly prices...
8 bf06230170_0080 82 for produce that's been smuggled in from other nations.
9 bf06230170_0090 82 And since it's the only thing keeping people from actually starving,
10 bf06230170_0100 82 the bigwigs just turn a blind eye.
11 bf06230170_0110 82 So most of the agricultural production is wasted just surviving, and the country grows weak...
12 bf06230170_0120 82 Exactly.
13 bf06230170_0130 82 So even the wisdom of a proud ancient civilization cannot solve all problems...
14 bf06230170_0140 82 Ancient civilization sounds good and all...
15 bf06230170_0150 82 but basically, this place is a giant museum with no tourists. That's not gonna feed anyone.