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1 bf06220170_0010 82 Whoa... It's just like a bigger version of Turters.
2 bf06220170_0020 82 It's called Genbu.
3 bf06220170_0030 82 It's the same, like, Titan-type as Uraya. Normally it's submerged in the Cloud Sea.
4 bf06220170_0040 82 Even in early fall, it can get pretty cold inside Tantal. Mind you don't freeze!
5 bf06220170_0050 82 Brr... I really can't stand the cold...
6 bf06220170_0060 82 I can provide my own warmth. You can stay close to me if you like.
7 bf06220170_0070 82 Me as well.
8 bf06220170_0080 82 You guys are pretty handy to have around.
9 bf06220170_0090 82 Well, it is our trademark, right?
10 bf06220170_0100 82 Essentially.
11 bf06220170_0110 82 Aren't you gonna be cold like that, Shellhead?
12 bf06220170_0120 82 I'm used to it. I'll be dandy.
13 bf06220170_0130 82 He's naturally dense, it's good insulation.
14 bf06220170_0140 82 Oh. Makes sense.
15 bf06220170_0150 82 Stop encouraging her! Gang of bullies!