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1 bf06190100_0010 82 Say, chum. Which one d'you fancy, Pyra or Mythra?
2 bf06190100_0020 82 Uh, Zeke... You can't just ask someone...
3 bf06190100_0030 82 Anyway, they're the same person! I've never really thought of them separately...
4 bf06190100_0040 82 Are you serious? But they're like, totally different characters.
5 bf06190100_0050 82 Like, Mythra is jolly intense.
6 bf06190100_0060 82 And Pyra is just totally mellow, or, I dunno... What's the opposite of "pushy"?
7 bf06190100_0070 82 On the outside, maybe.
8 bf06190100_0080 82 But Pyra's got a lot of backbone too. She can be pretty stubborn!
9 bf06190100_0090 82 You seem to understand them pretty deeply.
10 bf06190100_0100 82 Well, I suppose you ARE their Driver.
11 bf06190100_0110 82 Hey...
12 bf06190100_0120 82 Yeah?
13 bf06190100_0130 82 You're a prince from Tantal, aren't you, Zeke?
14 bf06190100_0140 82 Why were you in the Praetorium?
15 bf06190100_0150 82 I mean, you can't just ask someone...
16 bf06190100_0160 82 Oh, his old man kicked him out!
17 bf06190100_0170 82 Oi, no! Bad Blade, bad!
18 bf06190100_0180 82 ...How long have you been standing there?
19 bf06190100_0190 82 From about..."which one d'you fancy".
20 bf06190100_0200 82 "Which one d'you fa..." That's the whole conversation!
21 bf06190100_0210 82 As I was saying, my Prince got disowned by his father.
22 bf06190100_0220 82 He spent all his time traveling the world for fun, instead of attending to his studies.
23 bf06190100_0230 82 Then byeee!
24 bf06190100_0240 82 It wasn't for fun! I was learning all about, uh, society and international relations!
25 bf06190100_0250 82 "International relations," that whatcha call it?
26 bf06190100_0260 82 Oi, can it, you! What are you doing anyway, dissing your own Driver?!
27 bf06190100_0270 82 Hahahah, you guys crack me up.
28 bf06190100_0280 82 I love him really.
29 bf06190100_0290 82 Aww! Anyway, he sounds tough. Zeke's dad, I mean.
30 bf06190100_0300 82 Tantal is an isolationist society...
31 bf06190100_0310 82 Crossing its borders without leave is strictly forbidden.
32 bf06190100_0320 82 It's been that way for ages now.
33 bf06190100_0330 82 Oh, hmm...
34 bf06190100_0340 82 But you've seen how my Prince here is.
35 bf06190100_0350 82 Couldn't stop himself leaving a few times, so he got chewed out and disowned.
36 bf06190100_0360 82 Back when he was, fifteen or something?
37 bf06190100_0370 82 Yeah, something like that.
38 bf06190100_0380 82 Then the Praetor himself found him half-dead on the ground one day, and took him in.
39 bf06190100_0390 82 He made up that "special envoy" stuff.
40 bf06190100_0400 82 And that's how you ended up in Indol...
41 bf06190100_0405 82 It all makes sense now.
42 bf06190100_0410 82 Oh, but wait... Is it safe for you to go back to Tantal, then?
43 bf06190100_0420 82 This time we've got official business from the Praetorium! It'll be fine. Probably.
44 bf06190100_0430 82 Besides...
45 bf06190100_0440 82 Yeah?
46 bf06190100_0450 82 Tantal is too ignorant of the outside world. It needs a wake-up call.
47 bf06190100_0460 82 Sire! We have reached the designated coordinates. Please.
48 bf06190100_0470 82 Right! Ready?
49 bf06190100_0480 82 You betcha!
50 bf06190100_0490 82 Huh?
51 bf06190100_0500 82 Shut up and sit down, chum. This'll be great!