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1 bf06140190_0010 82 You shouldn't be up.
2 bf06140190_0020 82 It's only been one day... Please don't strain yourself.
3 bf06140190_0030 82 Half a day off and look at all this paperwork!
4 bf06140190_0040 82 I swear, it's like they don't want me to sleep at all!
5 bf06140190_0050 82 Majesty...
6 bf06140190_0060 82 Special Inquisitor. I hereby issue you new orders.
7 bf06140190_0070 82 It is my wish that you travel with the Aegis as an emissary of the Empire.
8 bf06140190_0080 82 Guard her and defend her against her enemies until she reaches Tantal.
9 bf06140190_0090 82 Guard...the Aegis?
10 bf06140190_0100 82 I've already discussed it with His Eminence.
11 bf06140190_0110 82 Forgive me. Your Majesty, I cannot accept.
12 bf06140190_0120 82 Just think about what happened yesterday!
13 bf06140190_0130 82 It would be sheer foolishness for me to leave your side!
14 bf06140190_0140 82 Is that so?
15 bf06140190_0150 82 [ML:undisp ]Huh?
16 bf06140190_0160 82 I can see it in your eyes. It's clear that the Aegis...
17 bf06140190_0170 82 ...or rather, that boy, has made a great impression on you.
18 bf06140190_0180 82 That's not-!
19 bf06140190_0190 82 I am your...Special Inquisitor. Ensuring Your Majesty's safety is my only concern.
20 bf06140190_0200 82 To abandon that duty and go traveling...
21 bf06140190_0210 82 Is this...Aegaeon's...?
22 bf06140190_0220 82 A Driver who cannot even protect himself is no Driver at all.
23 bf06140190_0230 82 Yesterday's events have made me keenly aware that I have no aptitude for it.
24 bf06140190_0240 82 It will be of more use in your hands.
25 bf06140190_0250 82 Majesty...
26 bf06140190_0260 82 The world is changing, Mòrag.
27 bf06140190_0270 82 I trust you more than anyone to lend that boy the wisdom and strength he will need.
28 bf06140190_0280 82 [ML:undisp ]...
29 bf06140190_0290 82 I miss it, you know. Lake Yewtle, in Gormott.
30 bf06140190_0300 82 ...What?
31 bf06140190_0310 82 Remember when the two of us would shake off the servants and go swimming there?
32 bf06140190_0320 82 Ah... Yes. Of course.
33 bf06140190_0330 82 Kids from the nearby village would come too. Good times.
34 bf06140190_0340 82 Majesty...
35 bf06140190_0350 82 If Mor Ardain...
36 bf06140190_0360 82 No, the whole of Alrest could be like that again... Wouldn't it be beautiful...?
37 bf06140190_0370 82 Is that my new duty, then?
38 bf06140190_0380 82 In truth, it should have been you sitting in this chair right now...
39 bf06140190_0390 82 The imperial line has always passed from father to son.
40 bf06140190_0400 82 On the day Your Majesty was born, that's exactly what happened.
41 bf06140190_0410 82 I knew that day would come. It came as no surprise.
42 bf06140190_0420 82 You were raised by my father to take the throne of the Empire.
43 bf06140190_0430 82 As befits the daughter of my Lord Uncle Eandraig.
44 bf06140190_0440 82 And I am grateful for it.
45 bf06140190_0450 82 If not for him, I would never have met Brighid. Never have met...them.
46 bf06140190_0460 82 I'd have missed out on so much.
47 bf06140190_0470 82 There. Those are your true feelings.
48 bf06140190_0480 82 [ML:undisp ]-!
49 bf06140190_0490 82 A magnificent power resides in you.
50 bf06140190_0500 82 Mòrag, power like yours exists to be used.
51 bf06140190_0510 82 Niall...
52 bf06140190_0520 82 You've been tied down long enough.
53 bf06140190_0530 82 Follow your heart, Mòrag Ladair.
54 bf06140190_0540 82 I have no words. Thank you, Your Majesty.
55 bf06140190_0550 82 Very well, then.
56 bf06140190_0560 82 I hereby accept the task you have assigned to me.
57 bf06140190_0570 82 That's the Mòrag I know and love. Make me proud.