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1 bf06140110_0010 82 Hmm... Tensions seem high.
2 bf06140110_0020 82 From what I gather,
3 bf06140110_0030 82 it seems an official summit is to be held between Mor Ardain and Uraya.
4 bf06140110_0040 82 A summit? You mean, about the recent punch-up? But I thought...
5 bf06140110_0050 82 Didn't Praetor Amalthus get them to stop and sort it all out?
6 bf06140110_0060 82 Perhaps there are some discussions they would prefer Indol not to be privy to.
7 bf06140110_0070 82 Besides, Uraya doesn't like to associate too closely with Indol.
8 bf06140110_0080 82 They'd hate to be seen as acquiescing to the Praetor's will.
9 bf06140110_0090 82 Gotta keep up appearances, you know?
10 bf06140110_0100 82 Ac...quiescing? You what?
11 bf06140110_0110 82 Like, letting him tell 'em what's what.
12 bf06140110_0120 82 Hah, for such a spanner you sure use some big words. How come?
13 bf06140110_0130 82 Stop calling me that! Buzz off, kitty-no-mates!
14 bf06140110_0140 82 Anyway, this summit would explain why Mòrag isn't around...
15 bf06140110_0150 82 Indeed. She has much to attend to.