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1 bf06120170_0010 82 This means...someone must have revived it.
2 bf06120170_0020 82 Correct.
3 bf06120170_0030 82 And you're saying that someone was Zeke's home country, Tantal?
4 bf06120170_0040 82 Yes. They gave Ophion one directive.
5 bf06120170_0050 82 To ensure that none approach the World Tree.
6 bf06120170_0060 82 They sought to prevent a repeat of the horrors of the Aegis War. So an obstacle was created - the Great Void.
7 bf06120170_0070 82 How did they manage a feat like that?
8 bf06120170_0080 82 As I've said, mankind is regressing.
9 bf06120170_0090 82 Only one artifact remains that can rescind Ophion's orders, and it lies in Tantal.
10 bf06120170_0100 82 It's called the Omega Fetter, and it's guarded by the royal family.
11 bf06120170_0110 82 I'll take you to it.
12 bf06120170_0120 82 I've prepared your envoy documents already. Your quest is to set foot in Elysium, correct?
13 bf06120170_0130 82 Malos and his ilk will surely seek the Omega Fetter for themselves.
14 bf06120170_0140 82 I would ask you to reach Elysium before they do, and inform me of what you find there.
15 bf06120170_0150 82 Do it as a favor for a once-foolish old man.
16 bf06120170_0160 82 And so that people may have a future in this dying world...