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1 bf06110100_0010 82 ...
2 bf06110100_0020 82 I guess they did call her a Goddess... The state funeral makes sense.
3 bf06110100_0030 82 Shouldn't you be with him?
4 bf06110100_0040 82 He's a boy. Best not to bother them at times like this.
5 bf06110100_0050 82 Heh. I expected you'd be more clingy. You really are different from her.
6 bf06110100_0060 82 Actually, letting him be was more her idea than mine.
7 bf06110100_0070 82 Really? Pyra's? Get out!
8 bf06110100_0080 82 So wait, you're saying you WANT to go be clingy, or what?
9 bf06110100_0090 82 I'll burn you.
10 bf06110100_0100 82 I kid, I kid! Sheesh.
11 bf06110100_0110 82 It's weird though...
12 bf06110100_0120 82 What is?
13 bf06110100_0130 82 I mean, don't you think it's odd?
14 bf06110100_0140 82 Normally, if a Blade or its Driver dies, it'll just go back to being a Core Crystal.
15 bf06110100_0150 82 So why is Fan just dead?
16 bf06110100_0160 82 I did wonder the same thing.
17 bf06110100_0170 82 There's only one way I know for a dead Blade to keep its physical form.
18 bf06110100_0180 82 Remember Minoth? I mean Cole. He was a Flesh Eater.
19 bf06110100_0190 82 Yeah.
20 bf06110100_0200 82 But Fan wasn't a Flesh Eater. I can say that for sure.
21 bf06110100_0210 82 What's that?
22 bf06110100_0220 82 That's the shape of Fan's Core Crystal. Well, how it used to be.
23 bf06110100_0230 82 it's a triangle!
24 bf06110100_0240 82 Rex and I are quite a unique case, but this is different still.
25 bf06110100_0250 82 How's it different?
26 bf06110100_0260 82 If a Blade shares its core with another, its shape changes in a uniform fashion.
27 bf06110100_0270 82 In our case, the center part went to Rex, and the outer part to us.
28 bf06110100_0280 82 I don't know why that is, but it seems to be a rule.
29 bf06110100_0290 82 ...But Fan's isn't like that...
30 bf06110100_0300 82 Exactly.
31 bf06110100_0302 82 It looks more like someone stole her core, doesn't it?