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1 bf06070100_0010 82 Now, it seems Mor Ardain has been accused of a unilateral breach of treaty in this matter.
2 bf06070100_0020 82 Emperor Niall, I open the floor to you. Is there anything you wish to say?
3 bf06070100_0030 82 While we are still conducting investigations into the cause, it cannot be denied...
4 bf06070100_0040 82 that weaponry belonging to our forces was discharged against Uraya.
5 bf06070100_0050 82 Regardless of any possible reason and circumstance...
6 bf06070100_0060 82 we are prepared to offer recompense for this grave offence.
7 bf06070100_0070 82 So you want to settle this with money...?
8 bf06070100_0080 82 We will provide any compensation deemed necessary.
9 bf06070100_0090 82 Perhaps I am misunderstanding.
10 bf06070100_0100 82 To my ears, it sounds almost as if you mean to imply that the blame for these offences...
11 bf06070100_0110 82 does not lie with Your Majesty at all!
12 bf06070100_0120 82 We are investigating. I ask that we not draw any hasty conclusions.
13 bf06070100_0130 82 What need is there for investigation?
14 bf06070100_0140 82 I believe a cause has already been established. There are witnesses.
15 bf06070100_0150 82 And that would be?
16 bf06070100_0160 82 What a preposterous notion! The people you speak of are merely a terrorist group!
17 bf06070100_0170 82 How could they possibly command that measure of-?
18 bf06070100_0180 82 It's the truth.
19 bf06070100_0190 82 I, Ozychlyrus, swear this in the name of King Eulogimenos Tantal.
20 bf06070100_0200 82 Can confirm Ex-Chairman Bana give these people some kind of supplies.
21 bf06070100_0210 82 Military supplies, me thinks. And in great number, yes.
22 bf06070100_0220 82 But why would...?
23 bf06070100_0230 82 What if I were to tell you that the Aegis Malos,
24 bf06070100_0240 82 who razed the world five centuries ago, was involved?
25 bf06070100_0250 82 Ridiculous. Everyone knows he disappeared in a blaze of flame!
26 bf06070100_0260 82 He's very much alive, believe me.
27 bf06070100_0270 82 That arsehole - I mean, the Aegis - has confronted us in person.
28 bf06070100_0280 82 And if my word is not enough for you...
29 bf06070100_0290 82 A Blade?! But-but that Core Crystal...!
30 bf06070100_0300 82 This is another Aegis, named Mythra. Your Highness has heard of her, surely?
31 bf06070100_0310 82 So the rumors that reached us were true... Who is its Driver?
32 bf06070100_0320 82 If you knew that, I daresay your surprise would be even greater.
33 bf06070100_0330 82 But that is not the matter we are here to discuss, Your Highness. This is a dire situation...