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1 bf06050100_0010 82 My deepest thanks to you for agreeing to this ceasefire, Queen Raqura, Emperor Niall.
2 bf06050100_0020 82 As I recall from the Osirian Treaty of 350 years ago...
3 bf06050100_0025 82 the Praetorium was to refrain from intervention in times of war.
4 bf06050100_0030 82 And yet here you are, intervening.
5 bf06050100_0040 82 But I trust you have a suitable justification, Your Eminence?
6 bf06050100_0050 82 Naturally.
7 bf06050100_0060 82 But first, to ensure impartiality in these negotiations,
8 bf06050100_0070 82 may I present Niranira, Acting Chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild.
9 bf06050100_0080 82 Furthermore, representing the Tantalese...
10 bf06050100_0090 82 His Highness the Crown Prince Ozychlyrus Brounev Tantal will also be attending.
11 bf06050100_0100 82 The Crown Prince?! The prodigal prince of Tantal...
12 bf06050100_0110 82 [ML:undisp ](a 'hmph'-like derisive snort)