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1 bf06040100_0010 82 What's the deal with this ceasefire?
2 bf06040100_0020 82 A tribunal, it looks like. Praetor Amalthus is here in person.
3 bf06040100_0030 82 And who's gonna argue with the Praetor?
4 bf06040100_0040 82 Does he have any clue how many men we lost...?!
5 bf06040100_0045 82 If those Ardainians get away with this... Architect damn it!
6 bf06040100_0050 82 Quit yer grumblin', mate. All this is way beyond our pay grade.
7 bf06040100_0060 82 You got that right. We're all just faceless cannon fodder to the bigwigs. CO says jump, we jump.