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1 bf05420100_0010 82 Hyaaah!
2 bf05420100_0020 82 It's stopped...?
3 bf05420100_0030 82 Yes. Seems like it.
4 bf05420100_0040 82 It's you. I thought it might be.
5 bf05420100_0050 82 Jin!!!
6 bf05420100_0060 82 I knew it.
7 bf05420100_0070 82 So this is Jin, leader of Torna.
8 bf05420100_0080 82 I am Fan la Norne.
9 bf05420100_0090 82 As envoy of Praetor Amalthus, I am bringing you into custody.
10 bf05420100_0100 82 How ironic. That you should speak his name with that face... Oblivious to everything, even your own identity!
11 bf05420100_0110 82 Wha...?! Do you know something about-?!
12 bf05420100_0120 82 And you, Aegis! Don't you dare stand there, acting like you're not involved in all this!
13 bf05420100_0130 82 All right. Then tell me this...
14 bf05420100_0140 82 Why are you, who fought alongside us to defeat Malos, now standing by his side?
15 bf05420100_0150 82 Jin...fought against him...?!
16 bf05420100_0160 82 It's very simple.
17 bf05420100_0170 82 I realized he had the right of it. That's all.