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1 bf05400150_0010 82 Lady Mòrag, greetings. I have news from the front.
2 bf05400150_0020 82 Our Titan weapon has crossed the central border!
3 bf05400150_0030 82 It's advancing at about forty titanpeds per hour!
4 bf05400150_0040 82 Hmm. I want to get in front of it.
5 bf05400150_0050 82 Is there a suitable place to dock?
6 bf05400150_0060 82 There's a bay fairly close by.
7 bf05400150_0070 82 If you dock there you should be able to get to the cliffs above it.
8 bf05400150_0080 82 Understood. Go.
9 bf05400150_0090 82 Yes ma'am.