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1 bf05380100_0005 82 As you may know, there is a demilitarized zone between Mor Ardain and Uraya.
2 bf05380100_0010 82 Temperantia. Think of it as a buffer between the two nations.
3 bf05380100_0020 82 We've received word of fighting in the area.
4 bf05380100_0030 82 Mor Ardain are in possession of a Titan weapon.
5 bf05380100_0040 82 They're advancing as we speak towards the Urayan garrison.
6 bf05380100_0050 82 Impossible!
7 bf05380100_0090 82 Well, the two countries' Titans are at their closest right now...
8 bf05380100_0100 82 You're saying we were waiting for a chance to strike?
9 bf05380100_0110 82 Unthinkable!
10 bf05380100_0120 82 Our people would never go to war against His Majesty's will!
11 bf05380100_0130 82 At any rate, we must investigate.
12 bf05380100_0140 82 Yes... You're right.
13 bf05380100_0150 82 Praetor, I beg your leave. We need to find out what's going on. Your Eminence.
14 bf05380100_0160 82 Thank you.
15 bf05380100_0170 82 Your Eminence, we...
16 bf05380100_0180 82 Might I ask you to assist Special Inquisitor Mòrag in her investigation?
17 bf05380100_0190 82 We have no reason to refuse. And you needn't worry about me.
18 bf05380100_0200 82 I am quite grateful to hear that.
19 bf05380100_0210 82 Let's go after them, hurry!