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1 bf05350100_0010 82 I see. Very well.
2 bf05350100_0020 82 It appears Senator Roderich paid a visit to the Praetorium last night, off the record.
3 bf05350100_0030 82 Did you know that?
4 bf05350100_0040 82 No. I haven't heard anything from His Majesty.
5 bf05350100_0050 82 Why now, I wonder? I can't imagine he was just paying his respects.
6 bf05350100_0060 82 Do you think it's something to do with the excavation? Temperantia?
7 bf05350100_0070 82 Hmm. The issue His Majesty mentioned?
8 bf05350100_0080 82 If that is the case, he must be making covert deals with the Praetorium...
9 bf05350100_0090 82 Curse that man...