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1 bf05310100_0010 82 So old man Cole really did know the Praetor. Who'd have thought?
2 bf05310100_0020 82 World is small place.
3 bf05310100_0030 82 Will Pyra be OK by herself?
4 bf05310100_0040 82 He's the Praetor, dimwit. What's he gonna do, eat her?
5 bf05310100_0050 82 ...Back there, I felt something weird for a second.
6 bf05310100_0060 82 What?
7 bf05310100_0070 82 [ML:undisp ]...
8 bf05310100_0080 82 Rex?
9 bf05310100_0090 82 ...It felt like we were talking to that Malos guy.
10 bf05310100_0100 82 You're imagining things.
11 bf05310100_0110 82 You know he's Malos's Driver, and it's messing with your head.
12 bf05310100_0120 82 They not seem alike to me.
13 bf05310100_0130 82 No, I know - it was just for an instant!
14 bf05310100_0140 82 Just this one moment where I couldn't tell if we were talking to the Praetor or Malos...
15 bf05310100_0150 82 Sorry. I'm not explaining it well.
16 bf05310100_0160 82 There are Blades who are influenced a lot by their Drivers during resonance.
17 bf05310100_0170 82 Their appearance, their personality... That's probably all it is.
18 bf05310100_0180 82 Perhaps it was due to your bond with Pyra. That could have heightened your perception of such things.