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1 bf05270100_0010 82 Hey, relax. You'll give yourself wrinkles.
2 bf05270100_0020 82 A Driver and Blade are one in body and soul.
3 bf05270100_0030 82 It was you who told me that. Well, the other you, I mean.
4 bf05270100_0040 82 You mean Mythra?
5 bf05270100_0050 82 Of course, it was five hundred years ago, so perhaps you have forgotten.
6 bf05270100_0060 82 (Oh! I do remember saying that!)
7 bf05270100_0070 82 (So it's true? But how could she possibly remember...)
8 bf05270100_0080 82 ...You're wondering how I could remember words from so long ago?
9 bf05270100_0090 82 What's this?
10 bf05270100_0100 82 You could call it a diary, I suppose.
11 bf05270100_0110 82 It contains details about my past lives. It's the only way I have to remember.
12 bf05270100_0120 82 When we return to the Core Crystal, our minds are wiped clean of all memories.
13 bf05270100_0130 82 Though a Blade's life is eternal...
14 bf05270100_0140 82 Our effective lifespans as individuals are far shorter than a human's.
15 bf05270100_0150 82 You know, it's not just me. A lot of Blades try to preserve their memories in journals like this one.
16 bf05270100_0160 82 ...Even though it's often futile.
17 bf05270100_0170 82 After all, a Core Crystal cannot protect a diary.
18 bf05270100_0180 82 Usually, the volume is lost to us, along with our memories.
19 bf05270100_0190 82 I'm fortunate amongst Blades. I'm passed down as an imperial treasure, and recorded in official chronicles.
20 bf05270100_0200 82 Er, Brighid...?
21 bf05270100_0210 82 I don't know where your true intentions lie. I can only make an educated guess.
22 bf05270100_0220 82 But Rex... He is your Driver.
23 bf05270100_0230 82 If you truly trust him, I would advise you tell him everything.
24 bf05270100_0240 82 If you can't do that even for him...
25 bf05270100_0250 82 You shouldn't be his Blade at all.
26 bf05270100_0260 82 I just...
27 bf05270100_0270 82 If you care about him, it's even more important.
28 bf05270100_0280 82 I know what it's like to be afraid of rejection. I really do.
29 bf05270100_0290 82 But...if you don't tell him now...
30 bf05270100_0300 82're just storing up pain for later, not making it easier.
31 bf05270100_0310 82 The way you say that... You really do see right through me.
32 bf05270100_0320 82 Well. We go back a long way, as you recall.
33 bf05270100_0330 82 And we're both Blades, after all.