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1 bf05260100_0010 82 Whew, it's cold this morning...
2 bf05260100_0020 82 Miss Fan...?
3 bf05260100_0030 82 Oho, has somebody got a little crush?
4 bf05260100_0040 82 Nia!!! What are you doing here?!
5 bf05260100_0050 82 Early riser. Always have been.
6 bf05260100_0060 82 Ooh, I see how it is here. I wonder what Pyra and Mythra would think...
7 bf05260100_0070 82 Hey, no - you've got the wrong- Just-
8 bf05260100_0080 82 Just what? Go on!
9 bf05260100_0090 82 I dunno. I thought she looked...sad.
10 bf05260100_0100 82 Oh, good morning, you two. There's still some time before your audience.
11 bf05260100_0110 82 Sorry, we just woke up really early.
12 bf05260100_0120 82 Ah, I see.
13 bf05260100_0130 82 That's a pretty nice mural. Very...grand.
14 bf05260100_0140 82 It depicts the creation of Alrest.
15 bf05260100_0150 82 They say this mural was painted long ago, when the nation of Indol was still new.
16 bf05260100_0160 82 You've been looking at it for a while...
17 bf05260100_0170 82 ...They're missing.
18 bf05260100_0180 82 What do you mean by "they"?
19 bf05260100_0190 82 My memories.
20 bf05260100_0200 82 I know that I must have been around since this mural was first painted, or even earlier, but...
21 bf05260100_0210 82 I don't remember that time at all.
22 bf05260100_0220 82 ...Well, you are a Blade.
23 bf05260100_0230 82 I don't know who I was or what I did.
24 bf05260100_0240 82 And I'd really like to.
25 bf05260100_0250 82 Mythra's lived for an awful long time. Maybe she'll know something about you.
26 bf05260100_0260 82 Mythra called me Haze earlier.
27 bf05260100_0270 82 Could it be possible that she met me somewhere before? Sometime in the past?
28 bf05260100_0280 82 Do you wanna ask her later?
29 bf05260100_0290 82 Could I? Thank you very much.
30 bf05260100_0300 82 N-no need to thank me. You helped us too!
31 bf05260100_0310 82 Look at you, going all red. I'll tell Pyra, I swear.
32 bf05260100_0320 82 Wha-?! I told you, it's not like that!
33 bf05260100_0330 82 We'll see...