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1 bf05200100_0002 82 "No More Blades, No More War"... What does that mean?
2 bf05200100_0004 82 That, my fuzzy-eared friend, is an anti-Blade protest.
3 bf05200100_0006 82 The refugees have really been going at it since last year or so.
4 bf05200100_0008 82 Whoa! Where'd you come from?
5 bf05200100_0010 82 What'd you do, swim here?
6 bf05200100_0012 82 Did Blades do something wrong?
7 bf05200100_0014 82 The Praetorium is single-handedly responsible for doling out Core Crystals to other countries.
8 bf05200100_0016 82 Though sometimes the likes of Dughall and Bana grab a piece of the pie.
9 bf05200100_0018 82 Therefore, Indol has the power to control war itself?
10 bf05200100_0020 82 That's one way of looking at it, at least.
11 bf05200100_0022 82 But war's about much more than just Blades and Drivers!
12 bf05200100_0024 82 I know that and you know that, but that doesn't mean they're gonna accept it.
13 bf05200100_0026 82 I guess so...
14 bf05200100_0028 82 There's a lot of...Gormotti here...
15 bf05200100_0030 82 They fled the Gormotti War ten years ago. But here they are, refugees still.
16 bf05200100_0032 82 Yes. They're a funny old lot, you know.
17 bf05200100_0034 82 We feed them, we water them, and this is the thanks we get.
18 bf05200100_0036 82 Don't these ruffians know that manners cost nothing?
19 bf05200100_0038 82 I swear, you lend these people a hand and they want the whole bloody arm.
20 bf05200100_0040 82 It's easy to disregard things beyond your control,
21 bf05200100_0042 82 and direct your anger at targets closer to hand.
22 bf05200100_0044 82 ...
23 bf05200100_0046 82 Do you have something to say?
24 bf05200100_0048 82 Not really.
25 bf05200100_0050 82 Out with it, Rex.
26 bf05200100_0060 82 Mor Ardain's Titan - it's dying, and everybody knows it.
27 bf05200100_0070 82 That's why they - why you need Gormott.
28 bf05200100_0080 82 Our population is large. Larger than Uraya's.
29 bf05200100_0090 82 But you don't have the resources to support all those people...
30 bf05200100_0100 82 You are astute for someone so young.
31 bf05200100_0110 82 Us salvagers pick up more than just artifacts.
32 bf05200100_0120 82 I'm not daft. I know fine words alone won't change reality.
33 bf05200100_0130 82 So you seek Elysium.
34 bf05200100_0140 82 Is that wrong?
35 bf05200100_0150 82 No. I was just reminded how young you are.
36 bf05200100_0160 82 Still, if it's Rex, or people who harp on about justice with no solutions...
37 bf05200100_0170 82 I'm bettin' on Rex.
38 bf05200100_0180 82 I must admit, I do respect the boy's drive.
39 bf05200100_0190 82 Ahh, I'm just stumbling my way forward.