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1 bf05170100_0010 82 Not bad, chum.
2 bf05170100_0020 82 Right back at you. Impressive!
3 bf05170100_0030 82 Didn't think I'd ever see another Driver and Blade on Mòrag and Brighid's level...
4 bf05170100_0040 82 You're still holding back. Where's the Aegis's true power?
5 bf05170100_0050 82 Mythra's power is only for fighting bad guys.
6 bf05170100_0060 82 Aw, that's so sweet. So I'm a good guy now, is that it?!
7 bf05170100_0070 82 Am I wrong?
8 bf05170100_0080 82 I like your attitude there, chum!
9 bf05170100_0090 82 Well, that's an Aegis's Driver for you.
10 bf05170100_0100 82 How did we do, Your Highness?
11 bf05170100_0110 82 Sure, you pass.
12 bf05170100_0115 82 I think we can just about let you into the Praetorium.
13 bf05170100_0120 82 What the hell?!
14 bf05170100_0130 82 I've been working for Indol for a while now. A kind of...special envoy.
15 bf05170100_0140 82 They asked me to keep an eye out for the Aegis.
16 bf05170100_0145 82 Actually, I volunteered to. You know how it is.
17 bf05170100_0150 82 I'm jolly sorry for testing you like that.
18 bf05170100_0160 82 We were planning on getting this over with in ONE encounter.
19 bf05170100_0170 82 But His Highness has the most awful luck, so...
20 bf05170100_0180 82 Yeah, I think I got that.
21 bf05170100_0190 82 What are you talking about? Everyone has bad days, right?
22 bf05170100_0200 82 Ah!
23 bf05170100_0210 82 Whyyy meeeee?!
24 bf05170100_0220 82 There he goes.
25 bf05170100_0230 82 Hmmm...bad luck indeed.
26 bf05170100_0240 82 Uhh... Should we go rescue him?
27 bf05170100_0250 82 Naaah, he'll find his own way back up somehow.
28 bf05170100_0260 82 Let's just board the ship!