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1 bf05120100_0005 82 Rex!
2 bf05120100_0010 82 Whoa, Kirk? Kazuna? You guys sure have grown!
3 bf05120100_0020 82 And hey, is that really-
4 bf05120100_0030 82 That's our Mark.
5 bf05120100_0040 82 He'll be going away to school in Indol soon, thanks to the help you've been sending us.
6 bf05120100_0050 82 Auntie Corinne, good to see you!
7 bf05120100_0060 82 Wow, this is quite a welcome...
8 bf05120100_0070 82 I didn't realize you were sending your money home.
9 bf05120100_0080 82 That's very admirable for such a young man.
10 bf05120100_0090 82 Home, huh...
11 bf05120100_0100 82 Old lady have lots of littlepons!
12 bf05120100_0110 82 Masterpon, these clearly not all littlepons of same parent.
13 bf05120100_0120 82 My word! Is that old Azurda there?
14 bf05120100_0130 82 What have you gone and done to yourself?
15 bf05120100_0140 82 That would take some explaining.
16 bf05120100_0150 82 Incidentally... Is there some way you could put us up for the night?
17 bf05120100_0160 82 Long day and all.
18 bf05120100_0170 82 "Is there some way?" Don't give me that!
19 bf05120100_0180 82 Stay for as long as you like! What's mine is yours.
20 bf05120100_0190 82 Thank you.
21 bf05120100_0200 82 Auntie, thank you so much. I think I'll go for a bit of a walk first, though.
22 bf05120100_0210 82 Ah, yes. Leave your friends with me.
23 bf05120100_0220 82 Pyra, could you come along too?
24 bf05120100_0230 82 Hm? O-of course.
25 bf05120100_0240 82 Right then, come with me, all of you!