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1 bf05070100_0010 82 Amazing... It looks like a mountain of clouds.
2 bf05070100_0020 82 The Leftherian Archipelago.
3 bf05070100_0030 82 Indol is currently positioned beyond the Cloud Ridge.
4 bf05070100_0040 82 It would take quite some time to sail around, so we'll be traveling over land from here.
5 bf05070100_0050 82 I suppose not even a Titan ship could surpass such an obstacle.
6 bf05070100_0060 82 If we have to walk, we'd best get moving now.
7 bf05070100_0070 82 It's been a while...
8 bf05070100_0080 82 Must be five years.
9 bf05070100_0090 82 Rex, have you been here before?
10 bf05070100_0100 82 It's where I grew up.
11 bf05070100_0110 82 Me and Gramps are from Fonsett Village, just over the ridge here.
12 bf05070100_0120 82 Huh, I wouldn't have pegged you for a Leftherian.
13 bf05070100_0130 82 So this is your home...