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1 bf05040100_0010 82 Haze...
2 bf05040100_0020 82 Lady Mythra? What are you doing out so late? Can't you sleep?
3 bf05040100_0030 82 At this time of year, the nights can be bitter. Please don't catch a cold.
4 bf05040100_0040 82 I'm a Blade. We don't exactly catch colds.
5 bf05040100_0050 82 Of course. My apologies.
6 bf05040100_0060 82 Haze... You really don't remember?
7 bf05040100_0070 82 Hm? I'm afraid you have me mistaken...
8 bf05040100_0080 82 I am Fan la Norne, Blade to Praetor Amalthus.
9 bf05040100_0090 82 Right. Amalthus.
10 bf05040100_0100 82 Sorry, my mistake. You just reminded me of somebody I know.
11 bf05040100_0110 82 ...It is quite cold, isn't it? I might go back to my room, after all.
12 bf05040100_0120 82 Yes. Good night, Lady Mythra.
13 bf05040100_0130 82 Night, Fan.
14 bf05040100_0140 82 (Mythra, did you see her Core Crystal's shape?)
15 bf05040100_0150 82 (I saw. That's not normal resonance.)
16 bf05040100_0160 82 (It's not like with us and Rex, either.)
17 bf05040100_0170 82 (I guess this is one more question for the Praetor.)
18 bf05040100_0180 82 (Sorry... Let's change over. I have to think.)
19 bf05040100_0190 82 (Sure. No problem.)