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1 bf04330100_0010 82 H-how can you be so strong...?!
2 bf04330100_0020 82 Now, we're going to need some answers. What were you people plotting here?
3 bf04330100_0030 82 O-ordinary business!
4 bf04330100_0040 82 We innocently mass-produce ether furnaces and artificial Blades, and sell to people who want them!
5 bf04330100_0050 82 They threaten Tatazo, and force to participate in production process...
6 bf04330100_0060 82 Dadapon...
7 bf04330100_0070 82 And next you wanted to get your hands on Poppi? You are a greedy bunch.
8 bf04330100_0080 82 I knew as soon as I saw her!
9 bf04330100_0090 82 That artificial Blade uses lost ether furnace designed by Professor Soosoo!
10 bf04330100_0100 82 That is why...
11 bf04330100_0110 82 You quite right. Even I could never make such incredible furnace as my own dadapon.
12 bf04330100_0120 82 ...So you lured us out here to avoid making a ruckus in the city, is that it?
13 bf04330100_0130 82 Qu-quite right, yes...
14 bf04330100_0140 82 Muimui was part of group plotting to steal artificial Blades all along.
15 bf04330100_0150 82 While he my Dadapon's assistant, he sell information to contact in Guild and had them attack laboratory...
16 bf04330100_0160 82 What?! Then it all his fault that Grampypon was killed?!
17 bf04330100_0170 82 Indeed it was.
18 bf04330100_0180 82 A contact in the Guild... Could it be that the one behind all this is...
19 bf04330100_0190 82 Indeed, it is I.
20 bf04330100_0200 82 M-Master Bana!
21 bf04330100_0210 82 You never do finish job properly, do you?
22 bf04330100_0220 82 You manage to lure them all this way and then fail to capture them?
23 bf04330100_0230 82 Muimui very sorry...
24 bf04330100_0240 82 But I am nice Nopon.
25 bf04330100_0250 82 You brought not only artificial Blade to me, but even the Aegis itself!
26 bf04330100_0260 82 Once I have ether furnace of Professor Soosoo...
27 bf04330100_0265 82 I can produce even better artificial Blades and make a killing!
28 bf04330100_0270 82 Then I sell Aegis too and make mountains of cash!
29 bf04330100_0280 82 Then I can feast on Mushy Mushrooms for life!
30 bf04330100_0290 82 Chairman Bana! I can't believe you would stoop to this!
31 bf04330100_0300 82 You should show more respect after all the valuable work I find for you.
32 bf04330100_0310 82 So who are you planning to sell the Aegis to, anyway? Torna, I suppose?!
33 bf04330100_0320 82 How you know about Torna?!
34 bf04330100_0330 82 Wait, I remember you! You one of Torna's Drivers!
35 bf04330100_0340 82 Wh-wh-what you doing here?!
36 bf04330100_0350 82 If you come for ether furnaces, they ready in ship outside.
37 bf04330100_0360 82 What?! You're selling THOSE to Torna as well?!
38 bf04330100_0370 82 Not sure what is going on, but I will just beat you all up.
39 bf04330100_0380 82 Lila! Take them all down!
40 bf04330100_0390 82 Mission acknowledged. Commencing combat.
41 bf04330100_0400 82 Tora, please destroy her for me.
42 bf04330100_0410 82 Muimui modified her so she not even listen to Masterpon Tatazo any more!
43 bf04330100_0420 82 Dadapon... All right! Come on, Poppi!
44 bf04330100_0430 82 As you wish, Masterpon!