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1 bf04250100_0010 82 ...I see. It seems it would be best for all of us if we worked together for the moment.
2 bf04250100_0020 82 Us work with you?
3 bf04250100_0030 82 Indeed. My goal is to capture the artificial Blade and track down the criminals behind its actions.
4 bf04250100_0040 82 And from what you just told me, those I seek likely have Tora's father held captive.
5 bf04250100_0050 82 Would you not say our interests align?
6 bf04250100_0060 82 Uh...I guess so?
7 bf04250100_0070 82 Well, it's definitely better to have her working with us than against us.
8 bf04250100_0080 82 We shouldn't take the power of Brighid, Jewel of the Empire, too lightly.
9 bf04250100_0090 82 If she went all out on me, even I wouldn't be able to hold back. And then...we'd burn this place to the ground.
10 bf04250100_0100 82 I am honored that the Aegis herself thinks so highly of me.
11 bf04250100_0110 82 You may not remember it, but... I've faced you a few times before.
12 bf04250100_0120 82 Let's just say it wasn't easy.
13 bf04250100_0130 82 Oh, really?
14 bf04250100_0140 82 But that's a story for another time. What do you say, guys?
15 bf04250100_0150 82 I can't deny I'd rather avoid making an enemy of them.
16 bf04250100_0160 82 All right, then. So, from this moment on I suppose we're allies!
17 bf04250100_0170 82 For the moment, I will return to the palace. If you learn anything new, please send word.
18 bf04250100_0180 82 I will instruct the palace guards to allow you audience with me.
19 bf04250100_0190 82 All right.
20 bf04250100_0200 82 Are you sure you wish to partner yourself with these people?
21 bf04250100_0210 82 Just as you were not using your full strength, neither still were they.
22 bf04250100_0220 82 Yet you saw the power they demonstrated. How could I not feel intrigued?
23 bf04250100_0230 82 Drawn by your Driver instincts?
24 bf04250100_0240 82 Something like that. And besides...
25 bf04250100_0250 82 [ML:undisp ]...?
26 bf04250100_0260 82 I get the feeling that, if I stay near that boy, I might bear witness to something quite extraordinary.