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1 bf04170150_0010 82 Hey, can I ask something?
2 bf04170150_0020 82 You need permission now?
3 bf04170150_0030 82 Do you mind if I stay like this for the time being?
4 bf04170150_0040 82 Like mean, as Mythra?
5 bf04170150_0050 82 It hasn't been long since I woke up, and this is all new to you. We need time to adjust to using my power.
6 bf04170150_0060 82 She and I talked it over together.
7 bf04170150_0070 82 Mythra's power is much stronger than mine, but it has its limitations. It can be difficult to use in tight spaces.
8 bf04170150_0080 82 It might be best if you get used to using her in different situations.
9 bf04170150_0090 82 I mean, I don't mind at all. I'd like to learn more about you, too.
10 bf04170150_0100 82 Wh-what's that supposed to mean? I don't see how I'm any different from her, really.
11 bf04170150_0110 82 Really? You can certainly be more touchy sometimes...
12 bf04170150_0120 82 W-well, that's just who I am! What do you expect me to do?!
13 bf04170150_0130 82 You see what I mean?
14 bf04170150_0140 82 [ML:undisp ]...!
15 bf04170150_0150 82 What's that smile for?!
16 bf04170150_0160 82 No, I just's been fun lately. A lot's happened since meeting Pyra.
17 bf04170150_0170 82 And now I've met you too.
18 bf04170150_0180 82 A lot of that stuff can't have been easy, though. So why the smile?
19 bf04170150_0190 82 Even rough patches can be valuable experiences. Is that weird?
20 bf04170150_0200 82 Always the optimist.
21 bf04170150_0210 82 Gramps gets mad at me for being TOO positive sometimes...
22 bf04170150_0220 82 More like all the time.
23 bf04170150_0230 82 Ah! Was that over there?!
24 bf04170150_0240 82 Looks like it.