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1 bf04120180_0010 82 Whew...
2 bf04120180_0020 82 Well, we managed to beat them, all right. But what now?
3 bf04120180_0030 82 Ah, right on time.
4 bf04120180_0040 82 Oh, I get it. That's why you asked the kids to call them here.
5 bf04120180_0050 82 It isn't us they need to answer to. Right?
6 bf04120180_0060 82 Leaving them to the authorities... A wise decision.
7 bf04120180_0070 82 I suppose we should probably leave, then.
8 bf04120180_0080 82 It's not a good idea to be here when the military arrives. Let's go.
9 bf04120180_0090 82 Yeah, let's move!